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Hey there! Cheers. Rahul here from Rourkela( The Steel City), India. Welcome to my blog and glad you checked my About page. I am 20 and I am a learning and growing entrepreneur.

Blogger at

Academically I am pursuing Diploma in Chemical Engineering from U.G.I.E and growing ahead with a lot of dreams and goals in my mind.

This remains my formal introduction but Now let me share something Interesting…

I was born at 11:59 PM at the mid-night and I love my Birthdate. I am born in October the loveliest month in the entire year excluding December.

I love making friends, reading books, talking to people and speaking at public events. I believe I have that gift of influencing people with my words. (Maybe someday I will share a stage with someone Big- Sounds exciting)

How did I start Blogging?

Well… the day I turned 18 I got determined to be self-dependent and I have always dreamt of starting a company by 2020. So the first thing I had to do was learn and get a job so that I can be self-dependent. But guess what, I didn’t get any job with the intermediate certificate and the one I got, I couldn’t cope up with the time because of college and studies.

So what did I do?

I needed something where I could learn and Earn as well. I knew, my main goal was to be an entrepreneur for which I had to learn and make money as well (So that I could be self-dependent and invest money to build my company).

Guess what happened?

I got introduced to Network Marketing.

Network marketing story, someday other…

One thing I can share is that it increased my interpersonal skills, the entrepreneur within me… the life I wanted to live.

So until now, I knew about marketing. (Here comes the blogging story) Last year in around November I got introduced to Digital Marketing and Blogging.

I came to know we have moved digital now and I can be a Digital marketer as well.

I created a free blog on and blogged there for 2-3 months. Learnt some basics of blogging and then in January-18, I moved on to my own blog.

Since then I have been blogging here… Got started with writing book reviews and then started sharing my blogging journey.

Now it’s totally a blogging website.

What Problem am I solving?

I won’t ignore the fact that there are a lot many bloggers who are blogging about digital marketing and they are really good. But what I am doing is  I am solving the problem of the Gap created.

You may find the best possible solutions in the web regarding technical scenes, How to’s and many more but How many of them will talk to you personally, motivate you to work hard when you feel low in blogging and all above be your online blogging buddy.

A lot less, and even if someone does, most of the time they are going to charge you.

I recognized this problem when I was setting up my Blog. The problems I faced while registering a Domain name, installing WordPress and so on… I was new to blogging, with lots of doubts and questions I craved that I had a friend whom I could talk about it. But I had none.

So I started a blog for this, where I could help people and You with blogging. Be Your online buddy and help you in building your blog. So here I am…

I write about blogging, startups, Motivation. I do also host an online interview series, “The Inspiring Voice” where I invite entrepreneurs and online marketers to come and Inspire people through their journey and share their thoughts.

Here are the link to the last two interviews:

#The Inspiring Voice with Deepak Kanakaraju from Digital

#The Inspiring Voice with Christian Lee from

If you feel like you should be featured on this show, kindly go to this page and share why we should feature you. I will come back to you with further details.

If you have any questions regarding blogging… You don’t know, How to start? How to manage time for blogging? Facing technical issues… Just drop me a mail at or follow me on Twitter here and throw your questions there.

I will reply As soon as Possible. 

So looking for a great friendship ahead…

Wishing you a great success.



Rahul Tiwari

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