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The Inspiring Voice with Deepak Kanakaraju from

The Inspiring Voice with Deepak Kanakaraju from

“The Inspiring Voice”

It was the year 2017 when I got introduced to the term, “Digital Marketing”, and the man behind this was the one leading in the Digital marketing industry. His free courses inspired me so much that I landed on setting up my own blog, and my biggest dream since then was to get an opportunity to speak to him.

You might have heard, “ Thoughts becomes things”, and I have experienced it of my own today. Today I feel very honoured and mesmerised to interview him on this Series.

But before we go further I bow my head and welcome all my readers on behalf of to this series of, “The Inspiring Voice”. Welcome to this series.

Today in this interview of “The Inspiring Voice”, we have someone amongst us who doesn’t need an introduction as He himself is a big sensation. But just to remind He is that inspiring mind who has changed thousands of lives, and is continuing to lit up more.

Coming from a city like Salem, a district in Tamil Nadu, today he is an author, Co-founder of OptinChat and PixelTrack (Two 1 crore+ Startups), Entrepreneur, a columnist at YourStory and, and the list goes on…

His primary blog is “”, and is one of the top digital marketing blogs in India.

I know until now you might have guessed who is that sensation… Yes! You’re right…

He is none other than “Deepak Kanakaraju”. Please raise your hands for Him.

 Deepak it has been my one of my biggest dream to get an opportunity to speak to you someday, and I never imagined this would turn up this way. Really it’s a dream coming true today.

Before we go ahead, first I would like to thank you. Thank you so much Deepak for sharing us with your precious time, and to be here.

I would also like to welcome you on this series of, “The Inspiring Voice”.  

Welcome, Deepak Kanakaraju.

We are honoured to have you here.

DK: Glad to get this invitation. Let’s go ahead with the interview.

RT: Deepak, please share with our readers, how has been your journey so far from a Civil engineering graduate living on your parent’s savings to today when you are a public figure, Co-founder of two successful startups and have so many titles under your name?

DK: It looks nice from the outside for many but I am hardly scratching the surface. My dream is to have a list of 10 million email subscribers and I am hardly scratching the surface. Long way to go and I don’t consider myself successful yet.

RT: That seems interesting. How did you get into the online business, What inspired you?

DK: I started with blogging and Google AdSense and tried to make some money so that I can buy a Moto Razr phone when I was in college.

RT: Would you mind telling us, how did you earn your first income online, and what was the feeling that moment/reaction?

DK: I made my first $25 in affiliate commissions from I knew that I am going to do this for the rest of my life.

RT: Ohh.. that’d be motivating:). When did you decide to turn from a part-time/hobby blogger to full-time blogger, and was it hard on taking that decision? Because to my knowledge you have a family. How did it all go?

DK: I was working in a full-time job at and I started creating the courses on the side and launched it to my blog’s audience. I made more money than my salary at the very first launch and it gave me the confidence to quit my full-time job.

RT: Hmm…hmmmm. What is that drives you to work for yourself, running your own business?

DK: Wanting more revenue for my business so that I can grow my business – which becomes capable of contributing back to the world. Unlike many people, I will not say that money doesn’t drive me. But it is not for personal gain. As the business expands with more people, I am able to create more value for my customers. I follow conscious capitalism. Entrepreneurship is the solution to 90% of problems in the world.

RT: What’s your best advice to find the balance between work, family, and life?

DK: You can’t. You have to choose between two of these: work, health & family. Two of these would become your life. Trying to do all these three at once will break one of the things. That doesn’t mean you can only focus on 2 for your whole life. You can shift the focus. For example, there are times when I focus only on work and health, and others in my life understand my time limitations. And sometimes when I am focusing only on work and family, health goes for a toss. I do not workout for like a month, but I always catch up with it later.

RT: How do You define success running your own website and online business?

DK: The value I create for my followers, readers, subscribers and customers.

RT: Ok Deepak. when did you realise that, yes I have done something, like that proud feeling.. when we achieve something… Please share with us or any amazing incident which has/had surprised you?

DK: When I did my TEDx talk. That’s something and not everyone gets a speaking to invite all the time. It’s rare and a privilege.

RT: The talk was great indeed and I congratulate you for it.

So here I would like to share with my readers that, Deepak has been invited to the TedX talk and he has shared his journey right from his motorcycle blog to If you haven’t watched it yet you can watch it here. It’s Inspiring you will love it.

Deepak, share about the most frustrating part of your business?

DK: The stupid Indian government that makes it difficult to run business in India.

RT: Deepak, you have just started recently the “100-day Blogging tips”, and I would like to congratulate you, the tips have been Top-Notch, and awesome so far. I personally read it every day. How has been the review so far?  

DK: It has been amazing so far. I am loving it, and the readers are loving it.

RT: What skill have you learned along the way, that You find invaluable in running your own online business today?

DK: Shut up and do the work. Stop the incessant mental chatter which prevents you from working.

RT: I wish readers are going through this carefully. If you could travel back in time to when you first started this online Journey what advice would you give yourself?

DK: Build an email list from Day 1.

RT: What do you see in the future for you and your business, share something about your future projects/plans?

DK: I want to make an impact in the education system of our country. But before that, I need enough capital from my business. So right now the focus is on the business.

RT: As we are near to the end of this session, what would you like to say for the people who want to start blogging or are about to begin their online journey?

DK: Start writing from today. Write 1000 words a day.

RT: That’s a great piece of advice. Thank you so much for answering us so freely, and generously. But it has been very true,” Time and tide wait for none”. It’s hard realizing that the entire time elapsed so fast talking, and listening to you.

Thank you again 🙂

DK: Thank you, Rahul.

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So guys here we had Deepak Kanakaraju from He is so down to earth and loving. I just loved talking to him. It’s a dream come true for me today and I will remember this day to the very end. 

He has launched a free digital marketing course. It’s of 25 video lessons where you will find all about Digital Marketing. You can join his courses here.

Don’t forget to subscribe to his “100-day Blogging tips” and free digital marketing course on his site.  

I am sharing links to his top blogs which I liked very much so that you can have a quick read.

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Are you the next The Inspiring Voice. I’d love to feature you.

For more info, visit The Inspiring Voice info

You can connect to Deepak Kanakaraju on twitter here

I hope you enjoyed and learned from reading this post.
See you in the next interview 🙂




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