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My Journey from 0 to 100 Clicks

My Journey from 0 to 100 Clicks

Last 2 months were good for my Blog. It has started generating traction by itself. Well… My blog crossed the first 100 clicks last month and I had a gist of sharing my journey. So Here I am…

From the date, I got the first click to the date when it reached 100. I have learnt something about Google SEO which I am going to share. Though exactly nobody knows the parameters except Google employees, I have something to share.

Oh yeah! I am not an SEO expert for sure, and this Post isn’t about SEO too. I want to share what I have learnt along the journey from 0 to 100 clicks.

But before I begin, let me mention that  Google process over 3.5 billion searches per day, that’s around 40,000 searches per second. Click Here.

More talk later, Let me show the results…

0 to 100 clicks in search console

The figures are from the 27th June to 30th July.

You know what, 100 clicks are nothing as compared to other websites having more than 1000+ clicks per day. But that matters me because it was my first 100 clicks and that too Organic. No paid campaigns or advertising. It’s totally Organic and this implies the blog’s performance on search engines and algorithms.

Do you know what?

For the entire 4 months, I had 0 clicks in search console. Was that I was n’t working on my blog? I did. I kept on publishing content and working with my blog. But why didn’t I received clicks? This is the same question I repeatedly asked myself. Why am I not getting clicks? Is that I am doing SEO wrong? Is that there’s an error with the blog? I couldn’t figure it out.

And that’s a bit worrying as well. Today when I am getting daily clicks on my blog and organic traffic. I have come to understand one thing very clearly.

Wine does take time for fermentation.  And the older it is the better is the wine.

It is the same with the blog to appear in searches as well. Doesn’t matter if you do everything correct, appearing in search results takes time.

I don’t know how Google does this but they have really good algorithms. If this weren’t so, any websites would have cracked to appear in search results in no time. So Google takes some time to analyse if whether the website it is crawling is authentic or reliable or not.

And with updates being made so consistently on Google they are making the engine more efficient every single day.

So the question arises, How did I get my first 100 clicks?

I won’t say, you should all live on upon the blog to get fermented. You need to work on it, and that too consistently.

If you know me for some time, you would have known that I published just 1 blog in the first two months of the blog.

Can you expect that you will appear in search results at this pace? So I just got motivated, I got determined to change the scenario and firstly I started with what I would say the grass root level.

I totally analysed myself and the blog, scheduled a routine of working with my blog and continued to publish 2-3 articles per week. I didn’t care if I am receiving visitors or not, I just went on publishing blogs.

On asking to Christian lee from to advice me on how should I do, I am in a mess. And he suggested me that Just focus on publishing content for 3-4 months and nothing else and I blindly did what he said.

But even this didn’t bring clicks to my blog. Forget about clicks I didn’t even show up in impressions.

Every day I used to open the search console and closed it with no clicks. After 4 months One day again when I opened the search console dashboard I was astonished to see 2 clicks on search analytics. I was more than happy, you know.

And from that day till now there’s not even a single day when I don’t get clicks to my blog. So again this becomes important that you should continue to put on your effort on working and don’t expect for the results. As said by Zig Ziglar, “If you plan and prepare to win, then and only then you can expect to win”. So just focus on your planning and preparation, do it right and then you are eligible to expect to win.

If you’re going through the same darker situation like me where you’re frustrated and don’t know what to do with your blog.

I would strongly suggest you gather yourself, back up your motivation and start working. Start Working. You will be amazed at the results that are kept for you.

If you’re a newbie, totally focus on creating content for your blog for the first 3-4 months. Make sure you have enough content before you focus on different aspects of blogging.

I have so far learnt that almost everything revolves around content. Content defines your blog, you, what you’re sharing about, and your business. And everything you will plan and do. Content will be an important part of it. So just focus on writing and creating content.

I have also heard bloggers asking, How do I write a perfect post?

Well, nothing’s perfect. You can just go on fine-tuning your work. I personally admit that I don’t write well but I am writing and I will improve sooner or later. Always remember it’s always better to start than to start better. 

But How do I write a perfect post?

Always keep in mind the reader and then write the post. Even Google says that. Create content while keeping the readers in the mind, that’s enough for you to write a very good post.

Let me end this post here.

Thank you.


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