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Why blogging needs motivation?

Hi. All good?

You haven’t heard from me for a long time. I was demotivated. I was not able to keep my fingers on the keyboard. Now why I am talking about this is, I want to share it with my viewers that no matter how concinced you’re in your work. A time comes when you get de-motivated. Feel like leaving everyhting behind.

But then again you should remind the start. Why did you start blogging? Was it to earn money? Was it to grow your personal network? whatever the purpose maybe you need to remind it. My purpose was to build an online business as i have considered myself growing up as a businessman. And I know time hasn’t passed for me yet but it’s slipping away and thus I need to work.

Today I am not going to insert any pictures or media. I just want to accept that yes! I was demotivated, and I am writing this so that I can get back my motivation.

So is motivation temporary?

Hell sure! Yes. No matter you watch the bestest of motivating videos or read the most inspiring book. If you lack purpose you’re going to fall and the same happened to me as well. One thing which I just realised that it’s very important to work regularly. No matter how busy you’re. Just try on writing something every day. Doesn’t matter if it’s a blog or a simple dairy writing. You need to do it. And from today. I am going to do this as well.

So Can I back my viewers?

Well… I don’t think so. But people who will visit now on my blog will be filtered. So I can use this as an opportunity for conversion.

Anyways let me keep this post short. I really want to back up and continue working on my blog.

Do mention me in your prayers. ‘

Thank you so much.

Hey there! Am Rahul. Thanks For stopping by my site.  I am 20, and I am a learning and growing entrepreneur.  I run this blog and my mission is to help people with blogging. Read More…

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